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Future Plans for Deer Hollow

Pond Erosion


We will be leaving a buffer zone between the shoreline and the lake by not cutting the grass for 10 inches from the water and letting it grow up about 6” – 8” tall. By doing this the grass roots grow deeper and will help to keep the soil from eroding into the lake and losing valuable shore line.


The next step is to plant Aquatic Plants along the shore line about a foot out to help slow down the water from hitting the shoreline when it rises and slowing down the erosion process. Plus, this also helps to purify the water that is going into our water system. We will be planting somewhere around 17,000 plants. On November 4, 2014. we submitted our application for this grant. We will be notified in January 2015 if the grant has been approved


Richardson Road Entrance


We will be applying for our second grant in April 2015 which should get approved in July 2015. The main entrance to Deer Hollow has barely been touched in almost 30 years. Everyone sees this as they are driving down Richardson Road. Having an attractive entrance should draw people to want to buy in our community.


Our thoughts are to run a 3 ft. white picket fence from the brick wall down 20 feet on each side in front of the 4 crepe myrtle trees and from the end run bushes called fire bush all the way down to the end of our property. The fire bush has beautiful orange flowers, is a native plant, and drought resistant. It can grow as high as 6 feet tall and will help to stop the trash from blowing into the lakes and give privacy to the residents that back up to Richardson Road.


We will then run LED lights about 40 feet on each side to light up the trees on Richardson Road. We will light up our median and replant with colorful plants and make it visually pop. Afterwards, we will proceed to put LED lights at the roundabout at the Villas and shine up into about 8 oak trees lighting up that whole area. The signs throughout Deer Hollow all the way to the 17th street entrance to Deer Hollow will be lit up at night. We will be changing out the old 110 voltage and replacing it with low voltage. By doing this we will save about $2,000 a year in electricity.




A lot of the residents have asked to have the playground area made into a playground again. This is just in the planning stage right now but here are our thoughts on it. Fence the whole playground in with a 6 foot fence so at night it can be locked up. We would like to put in 4 or 5 picnic tables, 3 grills like you see at the beach, a beach volleyball court, and a small fenced- in area for a children’s plastic play set so they can’t wonder off.


Let’s make it a family park. We want to have a contest and let one of the kids name the park. This way if we want to have community cookouts we can. We are open to any other suggestion to this area. A committee will be formed to help think it though and to have the best playground area we could have. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact us.


Our Preserves


The 19 Acres by the Villas


This preserve was meant to be a walking-trail preserve. It has several ponds and is very beautiful and peaceful to walk through. One problem is that it’s overgrown with Brazilian Pepper, Carrotwood Trees and other invasive species that need to be removed to turn it back into a walking trail. The County will help us with grants to get it to the way it should be. This one project will take some time to finish. We are looking into the best way to do it at the present time, and which is the best time of the year to do it.


The 5 Acres in Country Pines


This one will take the least amount of work to complete. All we need to do is to roller cut the Palmetto plants and kill the air potato plants. Once this is finished, it just needs to be done every 10 years to keep it under control.


The 7 Acres on 17th Street Entrance


This would be the last one to go into and at the present time we have very little information on it; however, it looks to be a light clean up.


After these projects are all completed, it is easy to maintain – we just have to do it.


These are some of the goals this current board would like to complete while we are in office. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please let us know. The more the merrier!

New Deer Hollow Signs


Since we were able to save quite a bit of money this year on several contracts and because the Country Pines signs were in the budget of 2014 we were able to get all new signs for the entire community completed. They are projected to last between 25 and 30 years. At the same time we had the walls repaired and painted and this should last for another 4 to 5 years. Project completed


Grant Decision


The Board of Directors voted unanimously to apply for grants through the County’s Neighborhood Services Department. These are matching funds. We have also learned there are other grants for nonprofit groups that we are looking into, as well.


We have submitted our first grant for the pond erosion and will know in January if it is approved. If approved, we will begin work in March 2015. We will be applying for other grants to improve the Richardson Road entrance, the playground area, the 19-acre walking-trail preserve, the Country Pines preserve, and the 17th Street preserve.


We are permitted to apply for two matching grants each year in the amount of $10,000.00 each. As they are approved we will let you know.

When will we be getting new Roads?


We checked with the County and they informed us that Deep Hollow is scheduled for 2020 or 2021. The did say that if revenue increases it could be earlier. The County did come out and look at areas along Deer Hollow Lane, West, and I hope they will address that in the near future.




The past Board of Directors have been working on the By-Laws since 2008. Since then, the new Board of Directors has made a lot of progress. We have approved all the changes and we are ready to send the first draft to the Attorney for his input. The board has voted unanimously to have the attorney do an amended and restated document. He will take our changes and merge them with the new statutes and legislation that has passed. We will keep you posted on the progress.

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